The Benefits of Solar Power

There are a number of benefits to having solar panels installed in your home. Solar power can save individuals thousands of dollars in energy bills, and it’s great for the environment. As a renewable source of energy, solar power is the way of the future. It’s a green energy that does not emit pollution, so not only will you be saving money if you have solar power, you will be helping to minimise your carbon footprint.

The benefits don’t end there. Solar panels require little maintenance, they can last a lifetime, and they operate silently. If you can do with these benefits, call us today to discuss your options for solar power. Brisbane, like most of Australia, is a good location for solar, given its hot and sunny climate.

There are a number of uses for solar power, including:

Water Heaters

Solar powered water heaters involve water running through solar collector panels. Water heaters are the most common residential use of solar power. The water is heated, and then moves into an insulated storage tank. To ensure that homes do not run out of water in periods of low light, there is also booster system to heat water if necessary. You will soon see your bills drop after installing a solar hot water system. You could be getting about 70 per cent of your hot water for free. What a saving!

Powering Your Home or Commercial Building

Solar panels can be used to provide the electricity needed to power your home or building, or at least partially power it. If your solar power system is tied to the grid, it won’t matter if there is not sufficient sunlight, the gird will supply any extra power needed.

How Does Solar Work?

In simple terms, solar power uses photovoltaic (PV) cells that convert light to electricity. The silicon in the cells absorbs the light, and the electrons that are produced form a DC current.

This current then passes through an inverter to be turned into an Alternating Current (AC), the same as is supplied though the grid to power homes. As long as it’s light, you’re getting energy for free. Even better, any excess power not used by your home is fed back into the main grid, which actually winds back your electricity meter.

Solar panels are usually placed on a sloping roof facing north, so as to maximise their exposure to sunlight. For the best results, solar panels should be installed out of the way of trees and other obstructions that might prevent the panels from receiving sunlight.

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